Dallas Conti Cup/ Huatulco World Cup/ Half Challenge San Gil – Recap of the last 3 weeks


Rudy Challenge San Gil

After winning Collegiate Nationals for a second time and qualifying for U23 Worlds in Monterrey in April, I was looking forward to a strong training block before the next racing block in June.

Unfortunately a multitude of breathing problems made training difficult. I still don’t know if it is asthma, allergy or something else. I’ve been taking medication but it’s not really helping.

DALLAS ITU “Duathlon” Continental Cup June 6 (21st)

The race in Dallas was not a representation of my fitness level. Leading up to the race I was experiencing difficulty breathing. After seeing a specialist, I have yet figured out what is causing my chest to be tight. The duathlon format did not help the situation and I did not have the race I was looking for. I went back to Boulder and got ready for my second World Cup the following weekend.

HUATULCO ITU World Cup June 14 (15th)

I am pretty happy with the result considering the race from the previous week.
The days leading into the race my chest was feeling decent so I figured if everything went well I could crack a top 15 result and get some decent points for the ITU standings.

I had a very good swim start and had clean water for 200m. All of a sudden it became brutal coming into the first buoy and I exited the water 15-20″ behind first place. After a few km on the bike I was in the front group. I stayed aggressive on the bike with a lot of accelerations and even a breakaway attempt. I came into T2 in third position with a group of 35-40 guys. My run was decent but nowhere near the level I was at in April due to my tight chest. I crossed the line in 15th place and I was satisfied with the result. The trip back overnight was brutal and took 21hrs total all the way to Boulder. Just 3 days later I was flying back to Mexico for a Half Ironman race!


I added this race in my calendar last minute but it was a great opportunity to get in a half distance race and do something different from ITU. These races are great to show my long distance strength and for my sponsors. It fit well in my schedule and I had a few friends in Boulder going so I decided to give it a shot.

I stayed in the home of the race manager Guillermo. He offered the best support possible before a race. He drove me to and from the race site, picked up my packet, gave me great food, and showed me the town and good spots to eat after the race. So big kudos to him and his wife.

The race itself went exactly according to plan. I got out of the swim second to Brian Fleishmann with a gap on the other guys. I immediately took the lead in T1 and planned to never leave it! I rode hard from the beginning to try and get the biggest gap possible. After 35km I had a lead of 3min. By the end of the bike I had 7min on second place. I started the half marathon with a decent pace (36′ first 10km) and after 1 loop I had a huge advantage on second. On the 2nd loop I faded to a 1h18’58 half time, but I still had 6min on second.

I was stoked to win in my second half distance race, and it was actually my first PRO win! The prize money was a nice bonus as well.

LG and RVG


Thank you very much to everybody contributing to the success of my triathlon adventures and to my sponsors for making it happen.


Next up: Panasonic NYC Triathlon & Magog ITU.