Clermont ITU Race Report (11th)


It didn’t go the way I wanted to, and I was definitely disappointed with my result.

I was ready to go and I’ve been training consistently for months. I was confident I could crack a Top5 and even get on the podium if everything went beautifully.

However after a pretty bad swim I quickly saw that it was going to be difficult to follow my expectations. And not feeling great on the swim wasn’t helped either by a dude who deliberately pulled my shoulder and whole body down and under the water and that happened at a critical point 100meters into the swim. That type of thing doesn’t happen by accident and I don’t think it is very sportsman like. I understand we’ll be swimming on each other and it will be a little violent but don’t deliberately pull somebody down.

However on the bike I quickly tried to organize and motivate our group (which is a very difficult thing oddly, considering everybody is out of contention at that point!!). We organized ok with the few elements that were willing and strong enough to pull (McElroy, Libin, Yorke, Hemming, ONeill- sorry if I forget someone 🙂 ) but we couldn’t catch the lead pack of 8 guys.

We came into T2 20 to 30 seconds down and I was out running in 3rd of our group. I maintained a solid pace (even though I was disappointed with my time and gap to the best runners) and missed out on the Top10 in 11th. Great job to the housemate for the weekend Matt McElroy (3rd) and to Ben Kanute for the win.

So overall very disappointed with the result but it’s now time to re concentrate for Sarasota next Saturday the 12th of March which is a more important race. After that there will be time to decide how to proceed for the rest of the season.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned 🙂