St Anthony’s Race Report


I was excited to get back to the St Anthony’s triathlon this year, after my 4th place in a stacked field 2 years ago. St Anthony’s is the number 1 Olympic distance non-draft race in the US with over 4,000 athletes and the course and organization are flawless. Also, the prize money is pretty solid compared to any other olympic race in the US.

After 2 disappointing races in Clermont and Sarasota I was happy to get the TT bike for a few weeks and do some non-drafting race!

I was staying with Davide Giardini in an awesome homestay with Gina-Marieand Jeremy very close to race site. They were very cool and provided us with a very specially decorated house, good food and a relaxing pre race stay.

Race morning was beautiful and with almost no wind the bay’s waters were calmer than ever.IMG_0408

I took a solid start and was very close to the lead. At one point though, John Rasmussen a fellow ITU athlete started dropping and somehow wouldn’t let me go ahead to bridge the gap. I had to produce a high effort to catch the leaders and I did very close to swim exit. That bridging effort enabled us to put a gap on the main pack of swimmers and we were 4 out together in the lead pack. Since I didn’t have a speed suit, I had a swift T1 and exited 1st!

I started quickly and Cam Dye passed me after 2km. I couldn’t follow him but kept the effort high. 10km later the main pack of contenders caught me. The rest of the ride was either moderate efforts at the rear of the non draft “pack”, or going as hard as I could to bridge up to Sam Appleton, Tyler Butterfield and Tim O’Donnell. In the end the main contenders pretty much all stayed together except for Cam Dye who had more than 2min lead in T2.

Coming out on the run the legs were a little heavy but I tried to quickly get up to pace to try and hit a low 32′ run. I was running pretty good, but I didn’t have that extra little energy or freshness to run as fast as I could. I could hold a high controlled effort, but I couldn’t really reach my max 10km speed and hold it. I ran with TO the whole way and decided to just sprint it out because I couldn’t really drop him. I got him on the sprint and ended 3rd behind Cam Dye and Ivan Tutukin from Russia who had a pretty swift run. I ended up with a 33’23 run for 10.2km (which gives about 32’45- 10km). A little disappointed with the run time.


Overall very happy with the weekend and nice to get some cash flowing in for the first time this season. I really hope the St Anthony’s triathlon stays on for as long as possible (it’s been a glorious 32years) and keeps on putting on a great event. Everybody loves it including me!

Thank you to Rudy Project North America, Huub Design and Kiwami for the product sponsor, and to my parents for making the whole thing possible!

Next race is in 2 weeks with the Huatulco ITU World Cup in SouthWest Mexico, a tropical place 🙂