70.3 Worlds!


I haven’t updated my blog for quite a while now, but I am going to do a better job at it, and it starts here. 

Last weekend was one of the biggest races of my life in Chattanooga TN, for 70.3 World Championships. I travelled from Denver to Charlotte to Chattanooga, and my awesome homestay Jim Brewer came to get me at the airport. He has a very nice house and it was a pleasure staying there with other athletes such as Kevin Collington and Jeanni Seymour. 

On Thursday was the briefing, and below is a pic of me signing in on the big board for the big dance of the weekend!

Everything went smoothly before the race and having raced the week before in the Escape Des Moines race with Javier Gomez, and performed well against him, I was confident I could get in the Top10 in my first World Championship. 


Swim: I executed my plan to stay at the front end of the front pack. I knew that maybe Ben Kanute and Gomez would be off the front, and that’s exactly what happened. I came out of the water in 6th with a time of 25’06, and I was out of T1 in 4th, setting myself up for a good day on the bike. 

Bike: I stayed with the top group with all the major players throughout the bike portion. Unfortunately, a 5′ penalty was given to me around mile 20-25 for slotting in, and that changed my day forever. A little depressed at first, I had no other choice but to adapt to the situation, and find a new objective, which ended being trying to push the pace as much as I could, and why not do a little breakaway. We ended up putting 3’30 on the chase group in the last 15 miles, which was a lot, but at the end of the bike segment, entering T2, I had to stop in the tent for 5′. 

Run: After stopping for 5′ in the penalty right before T2, I was slightly out of it, but at that point, I still had a chance at a Top10 finish if I had a great run. However, hard to have a great run when you’re not in the thick of it anymore, and when you just stood on the side of the road for 5′. I rolled into T2 with the second main pack including some fast runner such as Tutukin, Mendez, Collington, Collucci and Reid. I ran an average split on the very hilly run (1h17’30”) which gave me a 13th place finish. I had issues with psoas cramps in my stomach that slowed me down a fair amount from mile 7 to 10.5. 

Overall a day that could have been very good without the penalty, but that became pretty average with it. 13th in the world is still a solid result overall, and I can only build on that now. 13th in the world with pretty much 5′ added to my time, is solid. But I believe in executing what I came for, and in the result, and in the end the result was unsatisfactory, and I failed at my objective of a Top10. I’ll have to come back next year (South Africa) and the year after in Nice, France to improve on this finish. 

Thank you to all the Maverick team sponsors and to everybody following my journey, friends and family. In the end, I have the passion for the sport, but no PRO athlete could do it without some external motivation, we do it for other people too, to make them proud, and to achieve. So thank you to everybody contributing to my journey as an athlete. 

Next race: Lake Geneva Escape